About White Feather Essential Earth Elements

Medical sovereignty for providers of native medical alternatives and sovereign memberships for patients seeking for health optimization and wellness.

What We Stand For

White Feather Tribal Services and Essential Earth Elements is a member only Sovereign Tribal Facility that offers indigenous medicine to tribal members and non-members alike.  Our team is made up of dedicated medical cannabis users and professionals who noticed that most consumers prefer a team who can help guide them with their medicine choices.  We strive to provide knowledge and help our members find solutions that will positively impact their lives.

How We Operate

We operate in conjunction with the Tribal Healthcare Practitioner Registration and Business Licensing under the Crow Nation, through the FNMB.  Part of our mission is to provide holistic options to Western Medicine through the delivery of traditional indigenous applications and treatments. 

We are proud participants in the Economic Reparations for Native Americans and a portion of our proceeds goes to our partner tribes.

Partnering With The Crow Tribe

White Feather Tribal Solutions, partnering with the Crow Tribe, extends tribal sovereignty to the medical and cannabis industry, making them Subordinate Tribal Entities (STE) immune from state regulation.

White Feather also facilitates the opening of Functional Wellness and Brain Health clinics nationwide, combining native medicine in the forms of Cannabis, Psychedelics, and DMT. We also offer alternative medicine disciplines and life extension solutions in the form of Stem Cells, IV Therapy, Chelation, and future treatments to enhance the health of our members.